The Board

Mr A Pirozzi – Managing Director

Mr Pirozzi, an accountant by profession, founded Alivini in 1974 together with 2 other Italian nationals and headed the management buyout in 1993. He has developed a very deep understanding of and strong relationships with leading Italian wholesale suppliers, in both the corporate and regional sectors.
Mr Pirozzi has always been very involved in the day-to-day running of the Company, mainly dealing with the purchases from Italy and has been the prime driving force of the Company’s gastronomic investment and development strategies throughout the years.

Mr C Dos Santos – Sales & Operations Director

Mr Santos joined Alivini in 1979 and began his career as a sales representative mainly covering the South London area. Following the management buyout in 1993 he was promoted to Director of Sales with his main responsibilities to become overseeing the Company’s management and directing the activities of all the sales force whilst maintaining his own portfolio of clients.
Today, Mr Santos is responsible for the maintenance, regulation and renewal of the company’s vehicle fleet and has overall responsibility for the office personnel, along with his previous continuing roles.

Mr G Segatta – P.R./Marketing/Sales Director

Mr Segatta joined Alivini in 1986 after having run a partnership company importing and distributing Italian wines in the UK. He was soon after appointed as Sales Force Manager and, following the management buyout in 1993, became responsible for sales to national retailers, consortiums, restaurant chains, hotel groups and direct shipments. He is currently in charge of the specialisation training of the sales team, quality control of wine, promotion and launch of new wine products, including organizing events such as Wine Fairs, workshops and tastings. He is also responsible for all general advertising of our products.

Mr J Pires – Logistics & Distribution Director

Mr Pires joined Alivini in 1981 as a sales representative but moved to work in the London-based warehouse where he rapidly rose in seniority to eventually become Warehouse Manager in the late 80s. He was promoted to Director following the management buyout and assumed overall responsibility for transportation, logistics and distribution of the Company’s goods.
Today his duties also include responsibility for stock control of both London warehoused and bonded products.

Mr S Bridgeman – Financial Director

Mr Bridgeman joined Alivini in 1984 as a sales representative, after having run his own Italian delicatessen in Central London for several years. Following the management buyout in 1993, he became responsible for the day-to-day running of the administration, corporate management and accounting, and IT divisions of the Company.
Today he is responsible for the Finance & Accounting Department and remains an influential senior authority with regards to IT and administration within the Company.

Mrs V Santos-Pires – Company Director

Mrs Santos-Pires, an international banker by profession, was contracted by Alivini as Financial Consultant in 2009 to assist with the restructuring of the Company. Following the successful restructure in February 2010, she joined the Board of Directors with main responsibility for banking relationships and strategy, legal and human resources.