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Port Tawny Aged 10 Years 75cl CASA SANTA EUFEMIA


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Tawny port is aged in wooden barrels, exposing the wine to gradual oxidation and evaporation. The result is a wine that mellows to a golden-brown colour, and the exposure to oxygen imparts nutty flavours to the wine. Finally, the wine is blended to match the traditional house style. This 10 year aged Tawny has a blonde colour, and aromas of red and dry fruits that create beautiful harmony between the youth of the fruit and the ageing in barrels. In the mouth it is remeniscent of dry figs, nuts and raisins with a fresh yet warm and long finish.

    Grape Variety: Douro Region Blend
    Alcohol Volume: 20%
    Size: 75cl
    Brand: Casa Santa Eufemia
    Origin: Douro, Portugal
    Selling Options: Individually (Mix&Match) ; Case of 6 ; Case of 12

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