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New Arrivals 2019 (Mix6)


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£82.50 per Case of 6

Here at Alivini we’re constantly on the search for the next big thing, something new, the best of Italy that feel and taste the way they should just as if we were back home in the motherland. When we do find these products and add them to our plethora of goodies we like to share these with our valued customers plus an additional introductory offer (because we’re nice like that).

2019 has proved to be a real mover especially in the wine market, in particular with the rise in popularity of rosés, but there’s always room for everything else we’ve found of interest – cue our latest New Arrivals bundle: a fun selection of single varietal wines that will take you on a quaffable experience from north to south of Italy in just 6 bottles, hopefully leaving you with the desire to indulge further.

Bundle Contents (click to view each product)
1 x Verdeca I.G.P. Salento 75cl (2018) LE VIGNE DI SAMMARCO
1 x Catarratto Lucido “Eughenès” I.G.P. 75cl (2018) SIBILIANA VINI
1 x Nero D’Avola “Eughenès” D.O.C. 75cl (2017) SIBILIANA VINI
1 x Friulano Collio D.O.C. 75cl (2017) BORGO CONVENTI
1 x Àgole Pinot Nero D.O.C. 75cl (2016) CORVÉE
1 x Passocroce Lagrein D.O.C. 75cl (2016) CORVÉE

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    Size: 6x75cl
    Selling Options: Case of 6

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