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‘Naughty And Nice’ Christmas 2021 Bundle


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This is the one for lovers of wines of the sweeter variety – a truly mesmerising double bottle wine box containing 2 of the most delicate examples of dessert wines to come out of Italy! These are absolutely stunning wines that you’ll probably never have experienced and will even surprise those who don’t usually go for dessert wines…what’s more these are not only for the table, they’re arguably at their best when served as a meditation wine, a little tipple when sat back on the sofa or when entertaining friends or family in the colder months!

Our ‘Naughty And Nice’ Christmas 2021 bundle includes the following:

  • Pourriture Noble DOC 2015 DECUGNANO DEI BARBI
  • Recioto Valpolicella DOCG 2017 CANTINA DI NEGRAR

Go on, make Christmas special again!

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