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Malvasia Bianca I.G.P. Salento 75cl (2018) LE VIGNE DI SAMMARCO


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Although “Malvasia” is the name of the family of various Malvasia grapes, when used on its own it usually refers to Malvasia Bianca, one of the varietals that stands apart from the rest (without including Malvasia Candia and Malvasia Nera) for its distinctive and significant results. This wine has a straw-yellow colour with greenish tints, and its aroma is complex characterised by the fusion of aromatic notes of citrus, pineapple, banana and vanilla. The sweet notes of hazelnut and butter combine with a remarkable freshness in the mouth.

    Grape Variety: Malvasia Bianca
    Alcohol Volume: 13%
    Vintage: 2018
    Size: 75cl
    Brand: Le Vigne Di Sammarco
    Origin: Puglia, Italy

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