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Ginja Liqueur + 6 Choc Cups 20cl MARIQUINHAS


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Ginja, also referred to as Ginjinha, is a Portuguese liqueur made by infusing ginja berries (sour cherry, also known as the Morello cherry) in alcohol and adding sugar together with other ingredients. The Ginja de Óbidos, the fruit produced in the Óbidos region in Portugal, was awarded PGI status in 2013 and has quickly become a National tradition. Ginja is typically consumed chilled and served in a chocolate shot cup.

    Ingredients: ginja (sour cherry), water, sugar
    Alcohol Volume: 16%
    Size: 20cl
    Brand: Mariquinhas
    Origin: Óbidos, Portugal
    Selling Options: Individually (Mix&Match) ; Case of 10

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